We’re delighted to announce our cooperation with Intento, a platform that helps enterprises to discover and use the best machine intelligence services without wasting effort on integrations and benchmarks.


With its single API, Intento allows its customers to discover, compare and access different providers, routing service requests to the best provider based on data, the client’s preferences, and Intento’s own performance benchmarks. For translation companies, it’s tempting to use machine intelligence, but the barriers to entry are often too high. It is difficult to differentiate between service providers and the integration is expensive both from an engineering and legal perspective, while the actual performance doesn’t always correlate with the vendor’s benchmarks.

Smartcat and Intento both strive to ensure that, in our technology-driven world, multiple options are available to businesses that rely on flexible decision making and that choices can be automated on the basis of comprehensive data.

Intento will help human translators working in Smartcat choose the best machine intelligence services available on the market, starting with machine translation, regardless of the language pair or translation domain by providing data on the actual performance and pricing of different options.

konstantin_savenkov.pngKonstantin Savenkov, CEO & Co-Founder at Intento

“Machine intelligence has been shaping the translation industry for ages. Yet in many scenarios purely artificial approach is not enough. Intento seeks to make the application of machine intelligence convenient for users, and we’re excited to implement Smartcat’s unparalleled vision of how it can augment human translation experience.”

vladimir_gusakov.pngVladimir Gusakov, CTO & Co-Founder at Smartcat

“Clearly, Smartcat and Intento share the same vision. Both companies strive to empower customers with abundant and flexible options, providing an alternative to constraining one-size-fits-all products. Our cooperation will help both Intento and Smartcat users make better choices and work more efficiently.”