The latest Smartcat update was packed with quite a few helpful new functions. But the real star here is that translators never have to worry about losing their work, even if the dog chews through your Ethernet cord! At the end of this article you’ll find a bonus with even more new developments.


How Translations are Sometimes Lost

If the Internet suddenly goes out or there is a connectivity issue, a cloud CAT program might not save the information a translator entered, causing it to be lost forever. This is a major problem when it comes to several cloud programs.

If translation segments in the Editor can’t be confirmed within 5 seconds, instead of the regular pointer users see it start to rotate in anticipation. Working like this is torture: the whole segment or a section of it then needs to be translated over again. But when your Internet provider is fixing the problem, the best wording for this specific text might slip your mind.

Translation time goes up, translators get frustrated, and managers and client start getting nervous.

How Translations are Saved

If a Smartcat user experiences a problem with their Internet connection, their work is saved automatically. The Smartcat team guarantees that all text entered in the Editor will never be lost — even if the electricity goes out, the program saves every character users enter.

How it Works

When translators use Smartcat, all translated text is saved in their browser’s local storage, i.e. on their own computer. If the Internet goes out, the text is stored right there. Translators can even keep on working, and the moment the connection is restored the translation is saved on the server and the translation memory base is updated. Internet connectivity issues will never result in a loss of work.


Smartcat recently launched a 100% free machine translation service in over 80 languages regardless of volumes. This service is currently in its testing stages. Users can enable machine translations in the settings when they create a new project:


If the project is already created, users can switch on machine translation for documents individually:


Keep in mind that Microsoft can use your work to teach the program to create better, more accurate translations. But there’s nothing to get nervous about: all data is anonymous and no one can ever use your confidential information.


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