On the eve of the big holidays, we have packed in a few presents for translators and project managers. So take a peek at what we have for you!

Automatic insertion of best translation found

Configure automatic insertion of machine translation and translation memory matches: when you start working on an empty segment, the best version (machine translation or TM match) is inserted in the text automatically. To enable this, in the upper-right corner of the Editor, click the gear icon and set up the rules on the Auto-Insertion tab.



We have added spellcheck for several new languages, including German, French, Spanish, and many more. Spelling errors can now be quickly found and corrected in translations into almost all available languages.

Correcting a word is simple: if a word in a segment is underlined, right-click it. Smartcat will propose the correct spelling or, if you think the word is written correctly and will be encountered in the future, you can add it to the list of exceptions.


Segment filtering

Now you can filter segments in any number of ways — simply click the funnel icon above the Segments pane, and in the filter menu, select what you want to filter by.


For example, now you can filter segments to see only confirmed or only unconfirmed ones. You can also view segments with comments: when completing a translation, the translator can quickly take a look at places where he or she noted being unsure. The editor or project manager can use these comments to quickly find segments where changes are most likely to be needed. Segments can also be filtered by whether they contain numbers, by error type, or by translator/editor, if the text was split between multiple translators or editors.

Project archiving

Smartcat now automatically archives projects that have been inactive for 90 days. This removes old projects from the list, helping you to find relevant ones more quickly. Before a project is archived, you are notified and can choose to keep it active. You cannot edit archived projects, but you can still download the project materials (original and translation texts, both as separate documents and as bilingual TMX file) at any time.


Has a Smartcat function brought a smile to your face? Which features would you still like to see? Comment below or email us at blog@smartcat.pro.