Smartcat goes international once again. Now the company found new strategic friends in England and Poland. Their newfound friend’s name is eCORRECTOR. It’s a specialized proofreading company providing language support to academics intending to publish their manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and a wide spectrum of translation services to companies, individuals and LSPs worldwide. This LSP has teamed up with Smartcat to search for new translation experts and clients and to integrate them within Smartcat translation environment.

eCORRECTOR was founded by Dr Mark J. Hunt (PhD, Trinity College, University of Cambridge) and Dorota Sakowska (MBA, International University of Monaco) in 2014 and has been providing high quality services to numerous institutes, universities and academics ever since. Over the past two years their language services quickly spread into technical translations and further to more general translations. Currently, eCORRECTOR continues to provide highly specialized proofreading of academic and medical manuscripts, as well as SME services. They also have a strong team of professional translators who provide high quality translations into 40 languages from English and German source texts.

“At first, we made a strategic decision to implement CAT in order to increase the efficiency and quality of our translation services,” says Dr Mark J. Hunt, one of the founding members. “We tried many different tools and eventually came up with this solution which played out almost ideal for us. Smartcat provides a great level of flexibility — any number of translators is able to work on the same text simultaneously with no big investment.”

“We have become a regular user of Smartcat and have introduced a large number of our translators to this CAT tool. On the other hand, some of our best customers want us to carry out projects in Smartcat!” Dorota Sakowska adds. “In Poland, knowledge of CAT tools is still developing and there is a big scope to increase the awareness of using translation tools. That’s why we became a Smartcat Agency Partner. We believe that together with Smartcat we will be able to educate many young translators to the obvious advantages of using Smartcat in their daily work and gain our revenue share in the process.”

“We build a new environment where linguists, translation companies and end customers can find each other and work in a less stressful manner,” says Arseniy Konov, Smartcat Head of Marketing. “Freelancers from around the world are able to find vacancies and projects here. eCORRECTOR has provided new experts to our system and will help us expand our brand awareness among different professional and academic societies in Poland and Great Britain.”

Smartcat is an easy and intuitive tool to use and implement. All processes are easy to explain, and as an Agency Partner, eCORRECTOR is more than capable of teaching others to work with Smartcat CAT tool, constantly monitor progress, ensure the use of proper terminology, add more translators as well as quality proofreaders at any stage of the project. It results in a win-win situation for all parties: Freelance translators obtain their free-to-use CAT tool and access to Marketplace environment, end customers and LSPs gain access to professional translators from Poland, and eCORRECTOR receives a partner commission.