Keep Calm & Translate: Payments without borders, and plenty of orders

As Jane Austin’s Mrs. Elton once put it, “there is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.” But, over time, all translators develop their own understanding of what a comfortable workplace is for them. In the mornings or evenings, at home or in a café, enjoying the silence or rocking to the beats pumping in your headphones — we all have our own favorite ways to work. In the end, what matters is not how, but how well we do it. Continue reading

Case study: Weebly, a website building platform

Case study: Weebly

How smartCAT helped localize a platform for building beautiful websites into 13 languages. Continue reading

Smartcat & Intento announce partnership

Intento to power Smartcat with Machine Intelligence

We’re delighted to announce our cooperation with Intento, a platform that helps enterprises to discover and use the best machine intelligence services without wasting effort on integrations and benchmarks. Continue reading

smartCAT Release 61 “Australia”

Diving head-first into Release 61, codename “Australia”, we’re announcing shiny new features and improvements. Continue reading

Ivan Smolnikov & Kursat Ozel

Smartcat expands to Turkey in partnership with Saylon

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Saylon, one of the leading Language Service Providers in Turkey, and celebrate the expansion of both our reaches into new marketplaces. Continue reading

10 Steps to the Goal, or the Tao of a Translator

10 Steps to the Goal, or the Tao of a Translator

How do you stand out among other translators, get interesting jobs and find your way to the top of search results? We brainstormed a little and came up with a few simple tips that we hope will be of help to both aspiring and experienced translators. Continue reading

Make your profile work for you

How to make your smartCAT profile work for you

How do I get orders on smartCAT, freelancers ask. That’s easy: do what you love most — translate — and get feedback from your clients. The more feedback and “stars” you get, the more orders will come to you. And you won’t even need to go looking for them. Continue reading

Pre-translation: memoQ vs smartCAT

Pre-translation: memoQ vs smartCAT

Pre-translation is an important part of the project creation process. If done properly, this process will save the translator time and, accordingly, will save the customer money on translation projects. In addition, it serves to enforce consistency as segments can be filled with approved translations and in some cases locked so that translators and/or editors cannot modify the text. The ideal process will give the project managers many options on how they want to process files and automate this step as much as possible. Continue reading

Translation jobs on smartCAT: Find and be found

Translation jobs in smartCAT: Find and be found

Summer is right around the corner. It may be a nice vacation time for some, but for translation agency managers it’s a dead season in terms of finding workers. Translators go to the countryside, embark on a canoe trip or spend time with their family. So, it’s the perfect moment for those freelancers already living someplace warm (or those not willing to rest)! Continue reading


Common errors in test translations

Errors in test translations: Q&A with evaluators

We all make mistakes. Being wrong doesn’t make you unprofessional, it just means there’s room for improvement. As long as you’re passionate about your craft, learning from your embarrassing experiences will only help you grow. Continue reading

Dinosaurs, Grandmas & Artificial Intelligence: Interview with Volodymyr Kukharenko on smartCAT & Protemos integration

Dinosaurs, Grandmas & Artificial Intelligence: Interview with Volodymyr Kukharenko on smartCAT & Protemos integration

The smartCAT ecosystem grows and develops. Thanks to new useful tools in it, the translation process becomes more technologically advanced, yet simple and convenient. We have just completed the first integration stage with the translation project management system Protemos. Now, this system’s corporate users can easily create projects both in Protemos and smartCAT. Continue reading