Good localization project managers combines necessarily specific hard skills and broader soft skills that might not be as obvious. In this guest post, Michele Cerioni of Adaptive Business Group shares the company's valuable insights into the subjects.

Fotolia_126422496_Subscription_Monthly_M-768x520.jpg By Michele Cerioni | Published on November 15, 2016 via Michele's blog on LinkedIn

Within the localization industry, employers look for a combination of the necessarily specific hard skills, experience and the hidden soft skills to make up the ideal project manager. These hidden soft skills can be gained through multiple channels and multiple career paths but are as essential to successful project management as the hard skills gained through industry specific experience.

So what are these transferable skills? They are more personal traits that are found either naturally within a candidate or are traits that have been improved due to previous challenges and experience.

After working with multiple employers within the localization industry, Adaptive Globalization has discovered these top 5 traits to be found in the most successful project managers.

1. Utilizing Logic

Problems and crises arise every day within the world of project management. Being able to take your personal emotions out of the equations and simply attacking it with a logical solution instead is the most efficient way to solve an issue. Keeping a level head and balancing your personal investment within the project with your professionalism will offer you the most the success.

2. Passion for Success

Project management is not an easy career choice, but like any career you have to love what you do to be successful. Passion is contagious and if you love what you’re working on and are excited about its potential, your team and your client will get excited too.

3. Organized

Managing a team, each equipped with their individual tasks that you have to monitor, can be overwhelming, which is why it is crucial for you to be organized. Keeping everyone and everything in order and accomplished in a certain time frame requires constant planning, notes, schedule alterations and communication.

4. Great Communication Skills

Being able to clearly and concisely explain to your team what you exactly want, how you want it and when you want it by is necessary for your team’s and your success. Keeping your client in the loop with constant updates is equally as important. They need to know and understand what issues you’re having, if you need an extended time frame or if you require any more resources.

5. Professional Juggling Skills

Being a successful project manager means that you have to be a gifted multi-tasker. You have to be able to handle multiple mini-projects, people, communications, and deadlines all at once. You have to be able to have your toes in multiple pools at a single time while still keeping your head on straight. This requires patience and a lot of deep breaths.

With these soft skills you will potentially make one of the most successful project managers and hold a valuable influence within the localization industry.

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