SmartCAT update: enhanced navigation, copying source to target, and vendor management

We’ve been busy making interface improvements, so now the main navigation interface looks like this.

Now the main navigation interface looks like this

Now the main navigation interface looks like this

The ability to manually merge and split segments is now available to all users (previously only freelancers could do so). Keep reading to learn about other important user-requested features that have now been implemented:

Copy Source to Target
If the text you are translating contains many numbers and tags that must be preserved, click the Copy Source to Target button to save time. The drop-down menu on the right side of the button allows copying source to target for all empty segments.

Vendor Management
Corporate users can now hand off orders to other companies. Simply select a vendor for the project and monitor completion. This feature is enabled on request. To learn more, contact us at

HTML Support
SmartCAT now supports HTML files. This makes translating web pages a breeze!

PO Support
Support for PO files has been added in SmartCAT. In addition to text, you can load string context and comments into the Editor.

Email Notifications
SmartCAT can notify users by email when tasks are assigned, projects and resources are changed, new terms or comments are added, and other events occur. By default, notification is sent when a task is assigned or cancelled. To enable notifications for other events, modify the notification settings for your account.

Notification Settings_EN

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