ABBYY Aligner is a tool for creating translation memories

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ABBYY Aligner

ABBYY Aligner is a simple and convenient tool for creating translation memories (TM). The program compares segments of parallel texts (source and target).

Translators who have bilingual files with a source text and its translation will find this program particularly useful.

When it has completed its work, the program saves the aligned texts containing the document’s source segments and its translation in RTF format or as a TM database (TMX files).

ABBYY Aligner supports all translation pairs in the following group of 24 languages:

English Chinese (traditional) Chinese (Simplified)
Bulgarian Hungarian Dutch
Greek Danish Spanish
Italian Latvian German
Polish Estonian Portuguese
Romanian Russian Slovak
Turkish Ukrainian Finnish
French Czech Swedish

The TMX files can be used in any automatic translation program, including smartCAT.

To access the program, please register on smartCAT and request an activation key for Aligner by sending an email to

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