What’s so unique about Smartcat?

Bring everyone together

Smartcat lets any number of people work together without thinking about licenses.

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Scale when you need it

Smartcat helps you find new people to put on your projects from among 250,000 vendors in just a couple of clicks.

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Pay anywhere without stress

In Smartcat, you can pay all suppliers in one click and cut paperwork by 95%.

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Industry news from our blog

Google Translator Toolkit is shutting down — here’s how to rescue your work

Google Translator Toolkit was one of the pioneers of (free!) online computer-aided translation. For better or worse, the tech giant...

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Light as a feather: How Smartcat helped streamline localization of the Flo app

Where healthcare applications are concerned, the accurate translation of medical terms is paramount in ensuring that users feel as...

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Tech-savviness as an edge: iText case study

January 2019 marked a new milestone for iText, a translation agency operating out of Russia and Kazakhstan.

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